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New Orleans-based jazz band Sabertooth Swing offers a variety of fun, engaging swing-era songs with a focus on bringing in surprising & fresh material and maintaining an energy that is likely to make you want to tap your toes and shuffle your feet.

The Sabertooth cats aim to reconnect jazz to its original party-filled spirit, intended for long nights of dancing and popular gathering in small rooms. After all, wasn't it Buddy Bolden himself who asked to open up the windows and let the air out?

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Extinct Possibilities

Any random Sunday in New Orleans, after dark on a hot summer night, one can wander into a world where young and old people gather to listen to Jazz and dance frantically all night long, seemingly immune to the moist, thick atmosphere, tapping, shouting, laughing and, always, responding to the musicians' frenzy.

Sabertooth Swing was born of this cradle, emerging from various formations who had played at different dance events over the years. With their first album "Extinct Possibilities," they are now intent to bring this music to new places.


  1. Alcohol (04:13)
  2. Je m’suis fait tout petit/Back to Black (04:11)
  3. Family Guy (02:51)
  4. I Get Ideas (02:55)
  5. After You’ve Gone (04:20)
  6. Mean and Evil Blues (02:37)
  7. Wings of a Dove (03:13)
  8. Black Trombone (03:07)
  9. Mack the Knife (04:53)

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